Richard Smith

Position: Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder


Prior to founding Payen with Sandy, I spent the first 12 years of my working career in the City of London, specialising in complex software systems for financial markets. I started my career as a software developer on risk modelling and underwriting software for corporate insurance syndicates within Lloyds of London, and then moved on to the European Technology Sales and Strategy function for Xchanging plc, and was a key part of the team that helped the company grow from £250m to £800m revenue within a 5 year period and floation on the FTSE250.

When we founded Payen (or what used to be called Trustpay Global), Sandy and I wanted to create a company that didn’t follow the crowd and instead looked for opportunities to innovate and disrupt the payment space by listening to prospective clients and partners about what was missing or difficult. This enabled us to create a technology focused company that specialises in online payments and stands out from the crowd as we spend our time trying to solve the challenges that other companies can’t or don’t want to. Our ethos was to go and listen to clients (COLLABORATE), then work together to propose innovative solutions and ideas that could solve their growth, expansion or cost reduction challenges (INNOVATE), and then turn these ideas into highly scalable and robust payment services that they can rely on to differentiate their businesses (SIMPLIFY).

When I am not obsessing with how we make Payen the most exciting payment technology company on the planet, my spare time is spent either taking my two kids to their swim training or mountain biking on my local trails to pick up as many KOM’s on Strava as I can (which, being honest, isn’t many).